Fall Into September With These Content Ideas

Ideas For Content In September

September can feel like a ‘serious’ month – kids starting/back to school, the next public holiday is Christmas, the weather starts to cool and change, Christmas party planning starts… with no specific (UK) anniversaries or notable dates, hooks for content are a little more challenging. But we like a challenge!

A word of caution: Content without context or relevance is just annoying, irrelevant and can be damaging to your reputation. So using hooks for your content is fine, just make it appropriate.

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So let’s get to the task at hand – content ideas for September. This is not an exhaustive list, it’s a select few dates and ideas to whet your appetite and stir your imagination.

There are a huge number of awareness events in September including World Alzheimers month, Organic month, the day of democracy, read a book day, cupcake week… the list is too long for here, but there’s an Awareness Days website where you can check them all out.


Most schools in England open during the first week, so there are a variety of angles to work with:

  • Starting school for the first time can be emotional and stressful for kids and their parents. How can your company help/ease their transition to this new situation?
  • Multiple kids/different schools – building a rhythm and routine.


11 SeptemberTalk like a Pirate Day. Arrh! This is just pure fun, and maybe it’s totally not your brand style and therefore not a good idea, but a bit of playfulness can be good for expressing you/your company as human. (Just FYI, you can change your Facebook language to English (Pirate) for the day.) Be aware this also shares the date with the anniversary of September 11, the World Trade Center tragedy of 2001, so be mindful of your wording and tone.


23 September – the first day of Autumn.

  • It’s a great time for photography, encourage user-generated content (share their images using your product/service), which you can use in the coming months.
  • People will be starting to test their heating systems ready for the winter onslaught, and other preparation tasks – office Christmas parties are being put in the diary (e.g. ‘book your table/minibus/video booth now to avoid disappointment’).


26 September is the most popular birthday in England and Wales.


Friday 28 September is the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan Cancer Support. This is a great opportunity not to sell your products, but to showcase the community-spirited and human side of your business. Not only is it a great cause, you can really get involved and be more than just your product/service.


New York, London, Milan and Paris have fashion weeks taking place in September. This means that style and colour options will be introduced that will become the trends of Winter and Spring/Summer 2019. It’s a great time to ask your audience if they like a particular trend, and for you to think about how you can include it in your products. Don’t dismiss this as just for clothing and shoes – these shows have a direct influence on housewares, decoration, toys and gifts – and it’s a great opportunity to gain insight into your customer’s preferences.


We hope that’s given you some ideas for content in September. Remember, never do something just for the sake of doing it and ticking a box – pick and choose your hooks, don’t try and do something for everyone. Relevance first and foremost, and quality over quantity is key.


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