Fall In Love With Twitter

Not sure about the power of Twitter?


Kate has been a Twitter lover for a lot longer than me, I was much later to the party but I am well and truly a convert now. Over my last 2 years of tweeting, I have made lots of contacts and some true friendships have also been made along the way.




We regularly take part in our local networking hour #covhour which runs every Thursday 8-9pm. The connections and opportunities that have arisen through this networking have been invaluable to our business. Find out more here.


During May our home football team were in the playoff finals at Wembley. I was out for a morning run when I received a call from my mum saying that my stepdad had lost his tickets within minutes of being dropped at the train station. Unfortunately, nothing had been handed in, so they boarded the train in the hope that they would be able to pick some tickets up from outside.


Once on the train, an announcement came over the tannoy saying tickets had been handed in. Virgin Trains kindly put the tickets on the next train to London.


So, I hear you say what has this got to do with Twitter? 


Well, a simple tweet I sent thanking Virgin for their help was seen by 5k which resulted in my stepdad being on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire radio and an article being written in the Coventry Evening Telegraph.


The power of Twitter. There are so many reporters, broadcasters and journalists on Twitter just looking for their next story. Plus, Coventry City won their game and gained promotion!


If you’re local to Coventry we recommend taking a look at the following hashtags… #Coventry #Covhour #ThisisCoventry #CovBid

Who can you connect and network with? Don’t forget to be helpful and try to have some fun along the way.


If you would like to speak to us about your Twitter strategy let’s arrange to chat over tea and cake, Twitter it’s a piece of cake! 


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