15 social media content ideas

Social media content ideas to help you engage with your customers.


Social Media is big business. It’s therefore no surprise that social media content can become a headache for many businesses. We spend much of our week managing Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. We also spend lots of time creating content for businesses.


We have to ensure that we are using our time wisely. This is the same for any business owner. The most time effective way for any business to create content on social media is to have a plan. Once you have a plan you can begin to think about what, when and how you should post.

The Social media content 80/20 Rule

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Social media marketing shouldn’t be about the hard sell. It’s about building a relationship with your customer and encouraging your customer to interact with you. To help us achieve this we’ve been using the 80/20 rule when we are crafting content.


80% of what we post is content that we think the customer will be interested or can relate to.
20% of what we post is promoting services or products.
A social media content planner helps you to post consistently. You can be more systematic with your strategy. You can also track what you’ve already posted.


So for example you might always post your blog on a Monday, ask a question on a Wednesday and share something comical on a Friday. Having a plan allows you to slot in promotional messages without appearing too sales focused.


Now you have your plan you’re ready to schedule. We like to use Buffer. It’s nice and simple to use and they have amazing customer service. We’ve also used Hootsuite, Facebook scheduling and TweetDeck.


People hire us to create content for them because they don’t know what to say on social media.


Try these 15 ideas for content creation when you have a creative block.

1. Post quotes – humorous, inspiring or motivational.
2. Post behind the scenes photos.
3. Ask questions.
4. Recommend a tool or app.
5. Share content that will make your audience laugh.
6. Recommend someone else to follow.
7. Hold a photo contest.
8. Share country specific holidays and events.
9. Post truth or fiction posts.
10. Latest company news.
11. Thank your fans.
12. Hold a Q&A session.
13. Post an excerpt from a blog.
14. Hold a flash sale or promotion.
15. Post customer reviews or testimonials.


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