Print and Design – 10 best practices.

Print and Design – 10 things to think about when designing a leaflet.

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We talk to lots of clients about their Marketing activities.  One of the most popular choices in terms of marketing presence is Social Media. We are often asked if there is any point in traditional print and design marketing. The answer will depend on your business and your marketing strategy.

In addition to working together at Piece of Cake Marketing, both Kate and I are also trustees of the John White Community Centre. The Centre is based in Binley, Coventry and opened in 2006.  The Centre offers many services to the local community, we help in practical ways and with marketing being our thing we like to think that we have a positive impact. Most recently we have worked with our designer to pull together the leaflet shown below to advertise the activities going on at the Centre. This is a business where print design definitely forms part of their marketing strategy.

We are also working on some really exciting changes to the branding to celebrate the 10 year anniversary and to launch a new cafe that will be opening in partnership with the Foodbank. We will show you more when they are ready to be unveiled in the next few months.

This topic got us thinking about what it takes to produce a good leaflet.

10 best practices for print and design :

  1. Good title – the title is your opportunity to grab the attention of the reader.
  2. Make it clear and concise – too many words can put the reader off but you still need to get your main points across.
  3. Audience – think about who your audience will be. Then design the leaflet with them in mind.
  4. USP – promote your (USP) unique selling points. What makes you better than your competitors?
  5. Professional design – this may be your one time to shine so make sure that your leaflets looks professional and that print quality is good.
  6. Incentives – reward the reader with an offer or incentive to visit or buy from you.
  7. Images – images can say more to the reader than words, so show your logo and pictures of your product or service.
  8. Font – make sure your font is readable. A font may look nice but it may not be clear when you see it in print and the font size should be no less than 10.
  9. Call to action – what does the reader need to do? Visit your website? Claim offer that expires on a certain date?
  10. SPAG – spelling, punctuation and grammar – check it your leaflet before final sign off and again before you send to print. If spelling, punctuation and grammar aren’t your thing ask somebody else to check it for you.

leaflet example


JWCC Leaflet Revised Jan 16 (9)-page-002

To find out more about what goes on at the John White Community Centre or if you would like to hire one of their meeting rooms then check out the website or call the centre on 02476440295.

Do you need help with your marketing? Are you unsure if you should be using print marketing or Facebook advertising? Email we will be happy to talk you through our packages and how we can help your business to grow.

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