Marketing Strategy

Many businesses don’t have a marketing strategy. Without a marketing strategy it is difficult to action the correct tactics for your business. Your marketing strategy should look to answer questions like, who is your customer? What medium are they likely to respond to? How often should we contact them? Your tactics are the actions that you take in order to implement your strategy. We can help you to create a strategy that will reach your customers and will help your business to grow through business mentoring, branding and marketing training.


cake-icon3Business Mentoring


We will work with you to learn about your business and your goals.  We will carry out external research and provide you with one-to-one support. A fresh pair of eyes can often spot something immediately that could change your business for the better.


We love nothing better than really being able to get our teeth into your business and learning about all the key ingredients. We look at all aspects of price, product, promotion and placement to understand where you sit within your market and how best we can target your customers. We will work in partnership with you.




A strong brand is at the core of any good business. Your brand embodies the values, mission and vision of your business. An effective brand can give a company the competitive edge. We can help you create a strong brand that will form the foundations of your business and the marketing activities you undertake.


cake-icon3Marketing Training


We can help you with any marketing training requirements for your business or team from social media training to more traditional marketing methods. These marketing training sessions can be tailored to your business needs and can be specific to your area of business. We offer Facebook, Twitter and MailChimp training sessions.


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