What the hell is a Hashtag?!

Everyone knows what a hashtag is, right? Wrong!   The definition of a hashtag is… A word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media, websites and applications especially Twitter & Instagram, to identify messages on a specific subject. Lots of businesses are using hashtags in their social media content but[…]

social media coventry

Social Media Coventry & Warwickshire

How To Make Social Media Work For You   The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, in 2018 all businesses need social media. We often get asked what types of businesses we work with. Our customers are often surprised when we say all types of businesses. The list below is just a snapshot… Pubs, preschool[…]

Google My Business

How To Make Your Business Stand Out With Google My Business

Have you checked your Google My Business listing recently? In all honesty, we don’t find google the easiest platform to use.  However, as the most popular search engine, it simply cannot be ignored.  Not only that but it’s hugely important due to search engine optimisation, search engine marketing and how your business information appears across Google.[…]

Business goals for the rest of the year…

Do you set goals at the start of the year? Do you break those goals down throughout the year and assess whether you are on track? Many businesses struggle with this. It can be difficult to stop and take a look at your business when you are busy focusing on doing whatever it is that[…]

content creation

5 Ideas to help with creating content for your social media

Content Creation It’s nearly September!  Which means the retail Christmas count down has now started. We’ve been into several shops and spotted Christmas chocolates, cards and gifts already. So before we start thinking about Christmas, how about we just focus on September.  It’s the start of term for many Schools and Universities across the UK.[…]

3 Reasons why online reviews are important for your business

Customer reviews and testimonials are a great way for new customers to validate your work. We believe that no matter what type of business you have online reviews are highly important. Potential customers can use these reviews to help them make purchasing decisions Potential customers are influenced by positive reviews Potential customers trust customer reviews[…]

The Power of Social Media at Events and Exhibitions

Social Media at Events We had great fun last month working with Milo Bears who were exhibiting at This Morning Live in Birmingham. We were tasked with working on their social media during the actual event.     Founder Karen De Marco crafted the original Milo Bear for her grandson. This little bear was stitched together with[…]

Linking Social Media Accounts: What A Mistake!

We spend many hours training businesses on how to get the best out of their social media accounts. There are often similar questions, one of the most common that we come across is… “Is it ok to link my Facebook account to my Twitter and let it post automatically?” Our answer to this question is[…]


3 Ways to do video without actually having to be on screen yourself

Adding video to your social media There is absolutely no denying video should be an important part of your social media marketing strategy in 2017. The statistics show that on average videos on Facebook get 135% more organic reach in comparison to photos. Other statistics show that videos up to 2 minutes get the most[…]

How to Spring Clean your Social Media

It’s Time to Give Your Social Media a Spring Clean The clocks have gone forward. The daffodils are in bloom and Coventry City win at Wembley, 30 years after FA Cup victory. We know that doesn’t have much to do with spring but we are immensely proud of the performance shown by our local football[…]

outsource your social media

5 Reasons your business should outsource your social media marketing

Why outsource your social media marketing to Piece of Cake Marketing? There are many reasons why you may be thinking about outsourcing your social media marketing.  There are also many reasons why you’ve decided to do it yourself. Here’s why we think you should outsource your social media marketing and use our services.    […]

Google plus for business

Google plus – what’s all the fuss about?

Should I use Google plus for my business? Google plus or Google+ as it is more commonly known, the Marmite of social media networks. Whether you love it or hate it as a social media network you need to seriously consider having a basic presence.  We know what you’re thinking … another platform to manage![…]

How to run a competition on your Facebook Business Page …

Facebook competition rules. “You’ve got to be in it, to win it”. We’ve all heard it, the faithful old competition mantra spoken throughout the years. To win a prize in any competition you do, of course, have to take part. They used to be simple but, with the advent of social media, the rules have[…]

social media day 2016

Social Media Day 2016

Piece of Cake Marketing and Covhour celebrate Social Media Day Social Media plays a huge part in the lives of many people today. It has changed the way brands and people communicate and make decisions.  Social Media Day 2016 is on Thursday 30th June with events being held across the world. Mashable launched Social Media[…]

social media content

15 social media content ideas

Social media content ideas to help you engage with your customers.   Social Media is big business. It’s therefore no surprise that social media content can become a headache for many businesses. We spend much of our week managing Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. We also spend lots of time creating content for businesses.  […]