From Billboards To Buses, Marketing Is More Than Social Media!

Social media keeps us busy for a large proportion of our working week. As we looked at our blog posts we realised the subject has also dominated what we write about.   So we thought we would take the opportunity to share with you some of the other projects we have been working on over[…]

Google My Business

How To Make Your Business Stand Out With Google My Business

Have you checked your Google My Business listing recently? In all honesty, we don’t find google the easiest platform to use.  However, as the most popular search engine, it simply cannot be ignored.  Not only that but it’s hugely important due to search engine optimisation, search engine marketing and how your business information appears across Google.[…]

Business goals for the rest of the year…

Do you set goals at the start of the year? Do you break those goals down throughout the year and assess whether you are on track? Many businesses struggle with this. It can be difficult to stop and take a look at your business when you are busy focusing on doing whatever it is that[…]

Coventry Marketing Agency

Fight for the fairy tale, it does exist.

We’re nearing the end of the school holidays. Both of us have had plenty of time to rest, relax and reflect.  2017 has definitely been about putting ourselves out of our comfort zone. As our business has grown we’ve been presented with opportunities that have pushed us out of our comfort zones.  We both knew[…]

business awards

5 Things to do after attending a business awards event…

Business awards – have you been nominated? On the blog today we have a guest post from business adviser Karen Heap. We’ve known and collaborated with Karen on a number of projects recently. Orchard Business Development works with small and medium sized businesses to provide knowledge and understanding of how to run a business successfully. Whilst[…]

Video marketing

We hate Video! We hate being on screen.

Video Marketing – what’s all the fuss! We’re always telling our customers that they need to embrace video. They need to use it in their social media and on their websites. However, we have a confession to make! When it comes down to it we don’t really like doing it ourselves. Actually, we hate the[…]

How well do you know your customer?

Know your customer and know them well. Ever heard of B2B, B2C or P2P? Better still, word of mouth? Back in my University days, I spent many hours learning the differences between Business to Business marketing and Business to Customer marketing.  However, things have changed a bit since then.  With the eruption of social media,[…]

How to take the headache out of setting goals for your business

Start setting goals for your business today January, a time for reflection, planning and most importantly doing! Let’s talk about setting goals for your business. ‘Dream big. Start small. Act now’   Back in September we sat down and made our 90 day plans. These were a combination of business and personal goals. We’re pleased[…]

email marketing

Email marketing – 7 reasons why we love it!

Email marketing As a business owner there are many marketing tools that you need to use to shout about your business. One of the most powerful tools you have is your email marketing list. Hopefully this list will be a combination of your enquiries and your previous and existing customers. Whichever category they fall into[…]

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy vs Tactics – What’s the difference?

Marketing Strategy vs Tactics Do you know the difference between marketing strategy and tactics? When businesses approach us to talk about their social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, or even a blog, they often don’t realise that what’s actually posted is merely the icing on the cake. A strong social media presence is built on[…]

Business Mentor

Why spending money on Business Mentoring will make your business stronger

Business Mentoring A quote that sums up business mentoring … “It’s very hard to be successful without having a good mentor, it is essential to have someone you can look up to and emulate. Also, a mentor will show you the tricks and pitfalls of the game because they have likely already been around the[…]

print and design

Print and Design – 10 best practices.

Print and Design – 10 things to think about when designing a leaflet.   We talk to lots of clients about their Marketing activities.  One of the most popular choices in terms of marketing presence is Social Media. We are often asked if there is any point in traditional print and design marketing. The answer[…]


Facebook – How to promote your local business.

How to build a Facebook Page that brings you new business and creates a buzz about what you do. Facebook is a global phenomenon with over 1 billion users. For many it has become an essential part of everyday life. If you’re a business and not leveraging the power of Facebook, there are an awful lot[…]

Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix

Marketing Mix – 4 areas you need to think about when marketing your business. It won’t surprise you to know, that at Piece of Cake Marketing we believe the marketing mix is very important and if you think about it like baking a cake, you can create a beautiful recipe that your business can use[…]

Marketing Agency Coventry

Marketing Agency – Coventry

Piece of Cake Marketing – Coventry Well, where do we start? Okay, let’s start at the beginning. On a rather rainy day last Summer we took our children on a trip to Coombe Abbey Park, Coventry. There may have been some tea and cake involved too! In between feeding the ducks and climbing trees our[…]