4 Reasons You Should Start a Blog for your Business

The words blog or blogging are banded around frequently and often even the thought of having a blog scares people. But if we take away the lingo a blog is just the sharing of news with your customers.

So why should you start a blog for your business?

  1. A blog gives you a forum to share news with your customers in a timely manner.
  2. Helps to establish your brand and through the sharing of information makes you an authority in your subject arena.
  3. New content on your website is amazing for SEO, a blog gives you an arena to put this fresh content.
  4. A blog forms the basis of your social media marketing giving a link to direct your customers to on your website.

Blog for business

5 things to blog about

  • Product or service developments within your business.
  • Awards or events you have received or attended.
  • Industry news that will be of interest to your customers.
  • Customer reviews or articles about current projects.
  • Reveal what goes on behind the scenes.


Blogging definitely isn’t a quick win for your business but we have seen great results for our own business and the hard work definitely pays off.


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