Business goals for the rest of the year…

Do you set goals at the start of the year? Do you break those goals down throughout the year and assess whether you are on track?

Many businesses struggle with this. It can be difficult to stop and take a look at your business when you are busy focusing on doing whatever it is that pays the bills. Taking the time to reflect and evaluate what you are doing will pay off in the long run though. Setting achievable goals and tracking your performance will enable you to stay in control.

business goals

What questions could you ask yourself when reflecting on your business goals…

Do I offer what my customers want?

Is my business growing as I would like it to?

Will I reach my targets if I continue to work in this way?

What should I continue doing?

What should I change?

It has come to the time of year where we review our own goals.  As we’ve probably said previously we set goals for the year and then break them down into manageable bite size pieces. We are extremely pleased with our performance over the year so far and we have really enjoyed getting involved in lots of projects that definitely weren’t in the plan at the start of the year.

When you set up in business you often have a clear plan of what you want to do. You may have even done some market research however when push comes to shove is your plan really delivering what your customer wants? Being a good business person means you have to adapt to the circumstances around you, you may even need to change your plan.

To help our customers plan we’ve put together a new planning document which we will be discussing with clients over the next few weeks when we meet with them. This document will help us plan ahead and will make sure that their marketing plan looks at all channels, not just social media.

A social media plan that sits within your main marketing plan works so much better and ultimately gives the best results.

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