Linking Social Media Accounts: What A Mistake!

We spend many hours training businesses on how to get the best out of their social media accounts. There are often similar questions, one of the most common that we come across is… “Is it ok to link my Facebook account to my Twitter and let it post automatically?”

Our answer to this question is always the same… No, it isn’t something we would recommend.

Linking Social Media Accounts



Here’s a list of reasons why we feel it’s a marketing recipe for disaster.

  • Facebook & Twitter are two very different platforms. Therefore your audience on each platform could be quite different too. We see many businesses using Facebook to reach their end customer and Twitter to network with other businesses and connections. So why would you want to post the same message?
  • If you were posting on Facebook you may want to tag in another Business page. That functionality doesn’t feed through to Twitter and vice versa.
  • You have just 140 characters on Twitter. We see so many tweets that don’t display their full message because they have come from a Facebook post. We’ve spoken to many Twitter users who find it quite annoying and actually wouldn’t interact with the post as they know it isn’t an actual tweet.
  • The beautiful Twitter Hashtag! Although the functionality is there on Facebook it’s not as widely used as it is on Twitter. Using the correct hashtags correctly on Twitter is one of the platforms biggest assets and can help expand the reach of a tweet.
  • Twitter is a fast paced platform, you can tweet a lot without bombarding your followers. Imagine if you did that on your Facebook page. Over-posting can potentially annoy your followers.
  • Check your insights for each platform. You might find that different types of content work better on different platforms. At the moment for our own social media, videos work particularly well on Facebook and social media networking hours work very well on Twitter.
  • The biggest reason why we feel it’s a social media no no is… conversations! By linking your accounts together you’re assuming a one size fits all approach. On Twitter, in particular, you run the risk of missing the opportunity to connect and engage with people. If you don’t have time to chat on Twitter then it’s potentially not the right platform for you or business.

We hope the above tips have given you some food for thought. If you need to unlink your social media accounts the following articles may help…

From Facebook go to this page

From Twitter go to Settings & Privacy > Apps > Revoke Access

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