Are you making this mistake with your LinkedIn Profile?

Getting the best out of your LinkedIn profile image.

A couple of weeks ago we gave you some top tips on how to use LinkedIn for your business. One of the most important things about your LinkedIn profile is ensuring that you have a professional head shot.

This week we hand over to photographer Kyra Williams from Firetree Photography who will share with you her thoughts on how your business profile should look.

LinkedIn profile image


What does your LinkedIn Profile say about you?

I know you love that office party photo taken last Christmas …but is it really suitable for your LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter profile? We have all done it, opened a new account and trawled through our old photographs searching desperately for something suitable for the world to see.  I believe there is nothing worse for your business marketing than having potential clients come across your LinkedIn profile to see a pretty awful party image. While you may look like your living the life and showing how good you are at necking vodka shots it probably isn’t going to get you much work. Any profile which is used for business should feature a head shot that is both friendly and exudes professionalism and style.

A Picture of My Pet Dog Will Do!

Umm… will it? It is perfectly fine to have a Facebook profile shot that is funny and if you think it’s ‘retro’ or ‘ironic’ then fine so be it… a stuffed toy, the torso of the Incredible Hulk, your cute kitten or whatever floats your boat. Facebook is a very personal social media platform and actually if a potential client is looking at your Facebook newsfeed and can because you have your privacy settings open then they are peeking at your personal stuff, having a nose at how you are socially and whether you have a family or what your personal values are. Are you a racist, homophobic? Have you got children, what are your political preferences.  A fluffy toy or a sports car is okay for your profile shot. LinkedIn however is a totally different platform. This is not the place to be Ironic.

I Am Too Cool For A Head Shot I’m ‘Anonymous’

It is a competitive world, particularly so for photographers but it is the same if you are looking for an accountant, a financial advisor or a lawyer. If a potential client is using social media to make a decision on a purchase or a booking they are always going to favour the more personable, friendly and professional looking business. If your profile is anonymous what does this say about your business? What does it tell your potential client about you? Your head shot should let your client know who you are on a professional level, it should be confident, friendly and stylish.

The White Backdrop Look

For many, many years now the ‘go-to’ look for the professional head shot has been the high-key white backdrop. What I mean by ‘high-key’ is that lit white background. While this is infinitely better than a picture of you on a surfboard I am not a fan. I love backgrounds and they should be a feature of any image. Whether it be a family portrait or a formal business profile shot, the white background is blank and although it may say ‘professional’ it does not say anything else about your personality or business. A black suited professional on a clean white background is still ‘anonymous’, yes you have ticked the ‘professional looking’ box but what are you saying in your profile shot that is different to all the other hundreds of estate agents or financial advisors out there. I am not saying if you are an accountant you should be surrounded by calculators, that would be silly, but over 50% of any image is background, so it can help to make your profile shot stand out.

Piece of Cake Marketing

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Vicky Smith Styling

I have recently opened a studio in Tur Langton. One thing I have been very keen to get organised is my range of creative backgrounds. I love photographing families in bluebells, on location, and adding that extra dimension to portraits with backgrounds. I also hate cheese, (not the milk based kind) just as much as I hate boring. Therefore you won’t find a fairy glade or a wood fire Christmas scene at my studio… (sorry folks). What I do have though are brick walls, bashed wooden planks, corporate windows, cool granite and slate grey… all of which will add a little more zing to your business profile.

To find out more about getting a professional head shot taken for your business profiles contact Kyra HERE.

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